Deluxe Laser Kit™
Deluxe Laser Kit™
Deluxe Laser Kit™
Deluxe Laser Kit™
Deluxe Laser Kit™
Deluxe Laser Kit™

Deluxe Laser Kit™

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    • 45-days Money-back guarantee
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • Lifetime complimentary servicing
    • Over 10 Years of Lifetime
    • Fresh and Innovative Designs
    • Completely Safe for your Skin
    • 10 minute treatment time
    • No side effects
    • Suitable Hair Color and Skin Tone

Deluxe Laser Kit Customer Before & After photos

Chloe- Leg

"My legs look better and better with every session"

Oliver- Leg

"These are my results in a few months of treatment, not bad."

Ashvik- Leg

"Even though my skin is very delicate, the IPL has worked quite well."

Jacob- Leg

"This is my results after 5 weeks. My hair is growing back so sparse."

Olivia- Underarm

"It's been 6 months using the product and the results are excellent."

Martha- Underarm

"I hate having so much body hair but with this product I am solving this problem."

Isha- Underarm

"I have been using the product for over 6 weeks now and these have been my results, I am very grateful."

Hana- Underarm

"My underarm now looks cleaner and more delicate since using my Deluxe Laser Kit."

Celia- Arm

"Such a big difference. I can't believe it!."

Amina- Arm

"These are my results after 5 weeks, excellent!."

Elizabeth- Arm

"The Deluxe Laser Kit has done wonders for my skin, I'm quite happy!."

Navin- Arm

"I've already had more than 10 sessions and the reduction of hair on my skin is quite noticeable."

Ellen- Face

"My face was a mess, now I present some obvious improvements, I'm very happy."

Kristen- Face

"I continue to get results and changes in my face quite favorably, I love this product."

Mahalia- Face

"I was a little afraid to try the laser hair remover on my face, but everything turned out great."

Taara- Face

"Big changes removing the hairs on my body in just 16 weeks."

Stephanie- Brazilian

"So glad I purchased this handset. No more time wasted with a razor."

Gisele- Belly

"This is after 3 weeks of treatment. I love IPL Laser Hair Removal."

Milena- Knee

"It has taken some time but I am starting to see good results from my treatment."

Libby- Hands

"I haven't shaved or waxed in over two months, this is incredible."


"My acne improved incredibly with this cleanser, I am very happy with the results."


"I felt a lot of tension in my face but with the massaging function of the cleanser, my face feels more relaxed."


"I said goodbye to the grease on my face since I started using the facial cleanser."


"I am happy with the results of this cleanser, I have been using it for two weeks and I have a cleaner and smoother skin."


"I had some spots on my cheekbones and using the gel every night cleared them up."


"I had a very dry face but after using the gel my face felt much more hydrated."


"If your skin is dry and pimply, use this gel. The changes my face has made are incredible."


"Great results in a short time. Specifically, I have 2 weeks and 4 days using it, cleaning it and then massaging it. I have a softer and more hydrated skin."

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