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Electric Legs & Mini Electric Facial

  1. Clean your skin thoroughly to remove any impurities or residues of any other product
  2. Dry your skin with a towel. It is important that your skin is completely dry
  3. Turn on the device long pressing the power button
  4. Use the device by applying the surface of the rotating blades on the skin Use circular, gentle movements as you move device throughout the body
  5. Once finished, open the hair compartment and clean the blade with running water without wetting the body of the product. This procedure applies to both devices

To get the best results, perform the treatment as follows:

  • Once these devices are used, it is advisable to use The PlusLaser IPL Hair Removal™ to achieve more lasting results
  • It is recommended to use a moisturizer/lotion at the end of the entire treatment to keep skin hydrated and supple
  • When you are cleaning the device it is important that you do not wet the body of the device. You should only be cleaning the compartment that serves as a container for the hair that was previously removed