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Aloe Vera Gel

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly with your cleanser and preferably using our Lux® Facial Cleanser for best results.
  2. Dry your face very gently, making sure not to tug at your face, and leave it slightly damp before applying our Aloe Vera Gel product.
  3. Apply some of our Aloe Vera Gel in the palm of your hand and apply the product to your skin using soft and circlet motions.
  4. Leave the product on as long as possible to allow it to penetrate and achieve better results.

Additional tips to keep in mind for better results:

  • It is not mandatory to remove the product from your skin, you can let it dry completely if you wish
  • Apply preferably at night for better absorption
  • Use a clean towel or a paper towel to dry your skin without introducing unwanted bacteria